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Every May the Club sells thousands of pounds of the freshest Vidalia onions available at very competitive prices. This sale is the primary fundraiser for all the other programs listed under the Projects section of the website. Last year the Kiwanis Club sold over 15,000 pounds of Vidalia onions.



Beginning in April, Club members take orders for ten and twenty-five pound bags of onions. Then, at the height of the harvest, selected Club members rent two ten-ton trucks, drive them to Toombs County, load them up with Vidalias straight from the packing house line and rush them back to Macon. The next day all preordered onions are picked up by the membership and delivered to friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

The onions are carefully chosen to be the finest quality and freshest available and most members have a list of contacts who order every year.  You may help support all of our community activities by making a purchase.  Just contact any Club member and ask to be notified when the sale begins or click here to request your onions.



10 Pound bag - $11.00

25 Pound bag - $23.00