Serving the Children of the World


In his church, Mr. Mann led a small group for teenage boys ages 13-15 for 11 years. He provided a positive male role model for these young men, with a listening ear and a guiding hand. He also teaches Vacation Bible School each year, working with elementary age students.

In the community, Mr. Mann volunteers with the Special Olympics each year. He serves as a mentor for the younger members and his own life serves as an encouragement that obstacles can be overcome, and challenges can be met.

In our local schools, Phillip Mann works with children at Vineville Academy almost on a weekly basis. Most weeks he is reading stories aloud to various classes. He tutors small groups of students who need help to grasp the material. He listens to the children read their writings, and assists at the school book fair. He is well known in the halls of Vineville Academy, where many of the students call him “Grandpa Mann.” Students are accustomed to seeing him at their extracurricular activities such as ball games and music concerts.

Ms. Winters, principal at Vineville Academy, put it like this: “Through his contributions, to the children of Bibb County, Mr. Mann proves that he not only cares about our future but is willing to put forth the effort to make it better in the best way possible – by touching the lives of our children!”