Serving the Children of the World


Mr. James Menzie is the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Service To Children Award.

Mr. Menzie has mentored at least ten young guys who were residents at Georgia Industrial Children’s Home (GICH). Additionally, he volunteers in the boys cottages at least three days a week and takes residents who want to go to church on Sunday. Routinely, he volunteers from 3pm to 8 or 9pm 3 days a week, supervising sports activities, providing etiquette instruction at meal time and on outings, serving as a good role model in every way.

Consistently, “Mr. James” spends a portion of each Saturday with the boys of GICH. At this time, he typically accompanies them on Independent Living meetings/activities and/or Habitat for Humanity service projects. He has extended his own service work at Meals on Wheels to include the GICH boys. “Mr. James” also takes his free time to accompany the GICH youth to the movies, on picnics, to the lake, and other outings.

The Twin Cedars - Georgia Industrial Children’s Home administrative staff - have repeatedly offered him full time employment. Each time and without a moment’s hesitation, “Mr. James” has adamantly declined the offer stating that then he could not provide the same level of mentorship to the youth of his choice.

The Kiwanis Club of Macon is pleased to be able to recognize Mr. Menzie’s service to the children and youth of our community, and to honor him as the 2010 recipient of the Distinguished Service To Children award.

A check in the amount of $500.00 was presented to the Georgia Industrial Children's Home.